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Kind words clients shared with me

An aha moment for me was that I had answers within me. This requires peace and focus. I find you to be very patient, open and equal. And I think you have good insights on what was going on in me. I have a good feeling about how I can be there for my family as a mother now. I would really recommend your service to people who have lost control of grieving for the child they lost.


I think Lindsy radiates such calmness. She says the right words in the right way with feeling but also with intention. I think she’s a loving person, balanced, understanding. The value I got cannot be expressed in material posessions. It was so valuable to me.

- A. from Chile ♡

It was painful and confronting to realise that I did not have a spontaneous miscarriage, we decided to end the pregnancy for medical reasons. It was a very difficult decision. I really have a sense of gratitude now. I experience the loss of this baby as opening a path that was free of dangers for my beautiful healthy daughter who was born after.

- Peggy ♡

You are so gentle and you have this peace & calm over you.
- V. midwife ♡

It was a relief for me to share my story with you, you're someone who really listens. I hadn't cried yet. It happened quite a while ago. It was a shock to me that I got tears in my eyes when you asked certain questions during our conversations. I feel like I have more insight and order in my chaos. From now on, I want to focus on the right energy and mindset and be aware of what that does for my relationship and what that does for me as a mom to my new baby.

- M. general practitioner ♡

Lindsy’s program has transformed my mindset about my miscarriage but also how I view myself as a mother. The value the program has to offer is amazing - the VIP day, coaching sessions, but most of all how available and understanding Lindsy was throughout. I felt understood which was invaluable.

- Gráinne from Ireland, mom and entrepreneur.

I found the day to be enlightening. I would highly recommend Lindsy. She helped me with my grief. She has an amazing empathetic, sensitive and caring way.


You are lovely Lindsy. Thank you so much for holding space for me.

- mum of 4 angels ♡

For me it was an eye-opener to see we are a family of 5 instead of 4. Seeing and feeling that really did something to me. Also I was only looking at the things I still haven’t done yet or still need to be doing. I was feeling guilty. It has now shifted to me definitely being aware of the many things I have done and done right in my family and for my family.


I would highly recommend Lindsy, she has a lot of knowledge and her energy is amazing

-N. from Italy ♡

Because you asked the right questions, I came to the conclusion that our baby also belongs. And that he can also be freely spoken about. Our baby had not been given a clear place in our family before. Even though he is no longer here, he now has a place in our family and that is beautiful. He's part of it too. It gives me a sense of peace. 


I would highly recommend Lindsy. She is such a gorgeous soul with a healing energy

- C. from New Zealand ♡

The shame and taboo surrounding miscarriages has been around for a long time and through all our family generations. I found it interesting, confronting and yet also beautiful to see some kind of pattern in our family. It did something to me.


I felt so much lighter after the day. Less chaos in my head. I've put the focus back on me.

- B. ♡

Before I worked together with Lindsy I thought I was doing well since my miscarriage that happened 8 years ago. Still I wanted to be coached because I wanted help with managing my feelings about my loss. I was looking to find more ways to deal with grief. I decided to work together with Lindsy because I found her to be very empathetic.

- ♡

Working together with Lindsy I have found a way now to tell my 2 daughters about this baby. I wanted to tell them before but hadn’t found a way yet to do so, but now I have. And it came in a very surprising and beautiful way. I became aware that it is ok to feel the love for my baby in my heart instead of letting it in and letting it go and letting it in again and so on and so on. Love for my baby can and may stay.


It was the first time in a very long time that I was able to sleep deeply for hours and hours after that day. I needed that.

-W. ♡

I came to you because I was still grieving for our little boy. I had talked to you before and I felt and decided it was the right time to do this. Still I was afraid you would get too close to my true feelings. I found it hard not to know what was going to happen. I like to have things under control. How close will you get, I thought. I was afraid of that confrontation. As soon as we started our conversation on that day, I actually quickly surrendered to you.


I felt so safe with Lindsy and she is so warm, gentle, loving and kind.

- E. from Sweden ♡

I felt the guilt leaving me already after certain questions Lindsy asked me. I am more present as a mom and in our family dynamic. I’m partnering very well with my husband, who has always been so wonderful. I’m so proud of the family we’ve built together and it makes me appreciate everything even more.


Lindsy is a very compassionate person. She listens and she makes you feel that she understands you. She makes you feel that you matter and that you can tell her your story. Her coaching is really based on your personal situation, so you can really do something with it. She is a very warm person, who receives you with a lot of warmth and really wants to help you.

- B., teacher ♡

I started the day with a dark and heavy feeling and after Lindsy’s coaching and guidance I had a light and open feeling and a heart filled with love.


This grief, this love, is a deeply felt awareness of all that would have been possible,

of all that could have been. 

♡ Lindsy Marlina


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